The Knights Of Starstorm: Title defense match and rules+extras

Nov 17, 2023
Title defense match rules

UNIVERSAL RULES: no heals,no legendaries, no pseudo pokemon, tourney banned pokemon like slaking are allowed tho as as long as it is not a pseudo or legendary

CHAMPION version: everything is allowed

E4 version: banned pokemon like slaking are allowed, status effect moves are not allowed

every 2-3 weeks we will hold a strength check for our CHAMPION and ELITE FOUR members
strength check rules
CHAMPION version: fight whoever challanges you from the guild
E4 version: fight your corrasponding opponent for example

#3 would fight #2 if #3 wins they switch ranks and then the current #2 fights #1 if #2 wins they switch ranks then the current #2 fights #3 etc....
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