The Legend of the Great Friends

Dec 30, 2020
plus i wasnt here in the behind the scenes or the real thing for a while so i just wanted to add that to indicate that i wasn't there for a while in the actual thing and the scenes.
like in the story and irl


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Oct 6, 2020
@DragonPlayz30YT : I have never been so excited in my life!!!! a Shiny Riolu!!!!!!!!!
@Angle16 : Congrats @DragonPlayz30YT !!!
@PheonixPaz enters the room
@PheonixPaz :Nice riolu you have got there.

@DragonPlayz30YT : If it is a female then i will name it Lucy or Lucinda and if it is male i will name it Luke or Luka.

Professor Ross : Its a male alright
@PheonixPaz : I do vote for Luka
@Angle16 : I think its up to him to decide @PheonixPaz , nothin will happen of you just vot-

@DragonPlayz30YT :His name is Luka.
@Angle16 :Wait what??? Damn you @DragonPlayz30YT [ @Angle16 starts thinking ] Damn, i wanted to lecture that Stupid @PheonixPaz .

A few boxes outside topple over

Angelina : I'll go see what's going on out there...
Professor Ross : Alright but take him..[he handed over a pokēball to Angeline]
Angelina : Alright...go Arcanine!!

[A huge arcanine appears out of the pokeball]
[Everyone except Professor Ross and Angelina are suprised]

@PheonixPaz :We'll come with you
Angelina: But this could be dangerous
@PheonixPaz : Danger is @DragonPlayz30YT 's middle name
@DragonPlayz30YT :Hey wha-? I neve-
@Angle16 steps on @DragonPlayz30YT ' foot : Yea, he told us before....and plus @PheonixPaz is a great fighter.
Angeline : Alright alright, come on Hey Ross, you coming? since everyone's going
Ross : Alright


A kid with a Charmander is fighting with a bunch of Kadabras..

Angelina: Kadabras??? Aren't they rare in this region? Why are there so many? Why are they fighting him?
Ross : Angelina....wait a second...we need to ge-
Angelina : No, we aren't getting Toby this time. We have to deal with this on our own Ross.

@PheonixPaz whispers to @Angle16 : Hey, What are they talking about?
@Angle16 whispers back : No idea

[Suddenly there is a loud scream as the kadabras and alakazams hit the kid with attack after attack]
[A Mega Alakazam appears]

@PheonixPaz :Holy Muk!!! A Mega Alakazam!!!!!!!
@Angle16 : @DragonPlayz30YT are you seeing this too?
@DragonPlayz30YT :Yeah I am...
Ross : This is bad This is really bad. Angelina we really have to call Toby on this, Please trust me.
Angelina : Call him you baffoon, @Deedu might actually die this time

[Stay tuned]


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Oct 6, 2020
*ring ring ring ring*

Ross : Hello? Toby? Are you there? We might need your help, Come over right now!!!!!
Toby : Huh? Alrighty, Be there in a jiffy, Sit tight, just fill me on up what happened
Toby : Woah there, you don't need to shout
Ross : And he's trapped among them
Toby : NANI??!??!?!?!?!1 Stall them as long as you can
Ross : But ho-
*The call ends*

Angelina : So..what did he say?
*Ross narrates his talk with toby*
Angelina : What in the arceus???? How are we supposed to do that?
@PheonixPaz : Umm....We might be of some help.
@Angle16 : Yeah..... @PheonixPaz had entered many PokeWildSurvival Competition....So far, he ranked fourth in the whole region and he als-
@PheonixPaz : Just because of that dang Fearow.....He frickin picked me up by my-
@Angle16 : It would be better if you spared the details.....Ya we can do this Professor Ross.

*And so @PheonixPaz , @Angle16 , @DragonPlayz30YT , Professor Ross and Angelina come up with a plan *

at Toby's place

Toby : Hey Johnathan
Johnathan : Yes dad?
Toby : Its code Pikachu
Johnathan : I'm on it!

[Stay tuned, and sorry for the delay]
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