• 7.
    tho it will get a minus becuz the maps are a bit confusing sooo
    thats it those are my opinions in this game and again this game isnt bad
    its just decent k? thats it sooooo yeah bye

    How it is confusing? Plus theres something called pokemap.site
    then your a-ok, there's also another good reason why the maps are good, while your trying to find the next gym leader
    you will run into some caves that might contain master balls and etc you can also lvl up while traveling to other
    maps, sure the lvl up is boring but if you reached to the map where theres a pokemon center and a gym you were
    looking for then congrats you finally reached your destinations tho it
    There’s something called level up services
    Lol tell me what game level up is fun? every game is like "Your Pokemon leveled up to ___"
    *but ContainMemes its cheap and you can buy a 100 of them* ik ik ik
    sure you can buy a lot of potions but there gonna run out as soon as you pokemon
    lvls up if you pokemon lvls up to like 50? then when your pokemon is at low hp
    you potions are going to run out very quickly, now lets talk about the maps in this game
    the maps are pretty good, not the best but pretty good if you are pretty good at dodging
    When ur poke is lv 50 you can just one shot wild poke :/
    You don't need to get better at dodging just put ur pokemon out run past and do it over and over until u go to another tile then all your pokemon will go back to u and u can do that again
    get teleported back to the pokemon center now lets talk about the items
    in this game there pretty useless, except the evolution items but we are here to
    talk about the bad items lets start from the potion *looks at shop* why is there only
    O N E potion in this game that only gives you 30hp back? ik that brad is busy man
    and he has more important stuff to do but, why put one potion in this game? why?
    that wants to waste the money you spent and will do nothing but charge at you
    and will literally put you back to the pokemon center but if you survived, then your
    still gonna get teleported B A C K T O T H E P O K E M O N C E N T E R, why? why?
    why is that a thing? your there too catch pokemon not get charged at and get back to
    the pokemon center..... i think this game should change in a way where you dont
    Cause theres a 10 min time limit so people cant just stay there the whole time
    then you have to find a different map now before you can find a map with better pokemon to
    grind lvl for you have to go pass the pokemon you grinded, now the pokemon are really
    annoying when your pokemon is at low health and you have little to no enough potions
    to heal you pokemon back and like half or full hp and also the safari is ANOTHER THING
    I HATE when you enter the safari theres a chance where A pokemon-
    There’s something called max revive/revive and false swipe
    hello its me ContainMemes i just changed my account becuz i couldnt access my old one
    im going to give this game my own opinion

    Warning: this is message is just my own perspective im truly srry for the users who are reading this

    Now where should i start.....? ok so this game is a bit decent like 34% good
    The lvl in this game is boring just stand there and wait until like you pokemon is like lvl 10-15
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