Whats you best rise story?

Mar 24, 2022
Um, here is my first day of Pokemon Rise went.

It was three days ago, I was looking for some fun, online, Pokemon RPGs, but I couldn't find a single one that was actually fun(except Pokemon Plasma, but after you do a hunt it gets really boring) until I stumbled upon Pokemon Rise. Now, this was when I was a young little boy, and I was dumb and said, "Oh let's tell dad about this" and now he plays as well... anyway, I signed up, picked a Rowlet, and started my adventure. When I was on the Starter Island for a few days, I caught a Zigzagoon, Spearow, Whismur, and a Scatterbug. I talked to old man Aspen and he sent me to Blakenole Town, where I made my first friend, bruhbruhbr, and some people gave me pokemon, some advice, and someone even gave me two Tyrunts and an Aerodactyl! Then, my Rowlet evolved, went to safari, caught some pokemon, and yeah. That's how my first day of Pokemon Rise went. How did yours?
Aug 14, 2021
Bubble land
My story:
So... one day I was looking for some RPGS, I was bored because my Xbox needed fixing... and i found rise. So I choose Mudkip as my started and named myself keiraisgood (I'm not good). On my first day at starter island I was like "dude this game is trash". I talked to chatterbox prof aspen and i cot my mons. They were Whismur, Zigzagoon and... uh... weedle... I evolved weedle right away and i got out of starter island. I was like "So what was that island in the back about???" I met Kage, Ezion (I was amazed by that sh rimonbee), and crunchymilk. (Legends in the old days) i met mike, jmitch, everyone else on back in 2021. Some guys gabe me free mons. After like.... dunno, 3 months i decided i was gonna quit.... but I went back anyways in july and i got into pro instatly. I still mis ez and kage and Crunchy, but anyways that was my first day.
May 6, 2021
I have good one lol

SOOOOO.. the day i found rise i jsut fiished my irl pokemon collection with a first edition bulbasaur (ik im cool:)) and decided to see if there were and games on pokemon firs ti found one calle dpokemon legends it was pretty fun at first but people were rude than i found rise and omg im not even kidding i feel in love with it so i played it a lot more than legends and than legends got taken down so i played rise even more i was very confused at first and i got scammed to buy white iv slaking for 20k becuase i thought look cool after about 3 weeks in i had a really good friend KaluX we played everyday together and i became very rich when i got charizard x stone and sold it for 5million plus a regiggas, and 3 shinies... than after than i just bought poke and catched alot and one day i got yellow iv trapinch and snorunt in same day i sold snorunt for 1million and got scammed out of trapinch for 1 million. than i had to leave for long time so i ahd very big ive away i spent all my money till i had 1 million left bout a bunch of starters and other pokemon and 100 rare cnadies and had yourwish going away give away and after that i left for 1 year, im jsut now coming back and no one remebers me KaluX quit im loely and sad but im having another giveaway called yourwish returns giveaway on oct 13 if mike ever fix the server, so far i have 1 milliona dn some orange iv pokes to give away so come join :p
Aug 24, 2022
Kawaii🌸World !!
my story:

hi im kitty, you might know me as the eevee girl :3

i started around july/august 2022 and was looking for pokémon legends but i couldn't find the site so im here with pokémon rise :3 started with my fwiend airyuu and we used to voice call while playing and stuff ^_^ i have bad sense of direction so mike led me through all the towns and hes so cool!! one day airyuu came to the safari and spam pm'd me and said "an eevee spawned!!!" so i came there and cot it!! it was my first eevee which i gave to my other friend and he evolved it into a flareon. then I cot my first shiny at 0,0 which is a shiny cutiefly!!! I still have it now and its level 100 unevolved xD

then my goal is to collect 6 eevees!! coz all of them together are so kawaii !! i won anj's meloetta giveaway because i was a very fast typer :3 and traded it for 6 eevees which made me famous in a bad way in the rise community lol >.<

my goal then was to collect a sh eevee :3 but before that i cot a dragonair spawn by mighty mike and I was so surprised!! coz I cot it in less than 10min >:3 and I decided to keep it and call it meowy the dragonair <333 such a kawaii pokemon!! so I started kawaii world guild!! a place for all cute pokemon lovers <33 and its going super well and I hosted shiny giveaways and stuff xD

edit: ended up getting it at last !! sh eevee <3

join kawaii world!!!!
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Mar 8, 2022
Lol when I started I asked for free snorlax a ton maybe some of you remeber that and eventually I earned enough money and bought my first snorlax which I still have. Kop convinced me back then that snorlax with Mike's ot were more valuable so i sold my second snorlax (i wish i never did) for 500k. My greatest moments include the race to catch dreepy which i almost didnt get urizen almost beat me XD. (thx turtle for that spawn) The time I found two shiny nidoran 10 minutes apart. I enjoyed building a team for iplay's tourney with kyreo, finding my first shiny with epiclimax. (togedumaru) Catching 400 axew (the first one i caught was a 30/31 axew which is now called Odin and i often have on my team) and trading 50 of them for a shiny charjabug xD. Loosing my first shiny in a bet with Clint. (togedmaru) The day i found 10 gold 1 at a time through the course of the day in the wild was pretty good. Trying (still trying) to find a shiny muncho. When I was half asleep and almost killed a bagon xD. (that was the bagon that is now SaladMenace) The time math let my catch my first wild starter which was litten. The time mike tricked me into thinking shiny snorlax spawned. I sure did a lot in 7 months


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Nov 19, 2018
Null Island
reaching a dialga spawn, trying to throw a masterball at it, missing, catching a wurmple with it instead and faceplanting into the dialga, fainting, and still making it back to catch the dialga before anyone else got there (back when spawns gave you the exact coordinate and there was no alakazam to teleport you to the towns you'd previously been to)


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Dec 30, 2020
I was told this game by my bro(almost all would know who is it. ). My first account was ajith005 ... I used to create many alts(mike knows it) but those i really played are pokefans, idoit, and yuvetal(yuvetal2 also ofc).one mike told me to stop this. Then i did.
I was vey eager in paticipating tourns... I conducted few with different ideas. But i tdidnt got gud welcome... So i did just stopped. My english got better after joining this game... I got new friends❤️❤️. I wish to win tourns... But i think im not experienced enough to make a gud team. I killed 4 shinies before(pikipek, yungoos, cryogonal, starly). Caught 3 shinies(rolycoly, cryo, wurmple).got no leggies... I earned something by ev services. When robot left i got his garde. I hadnt cared for it much... Untill i saw it in 38th position.ive been thorough many scams... I tried some... But if another guy fooled id be very guilty. Im very kind by heart. I wish to be good. But when ppl cross their limits id be over their head. I havent ever to catch spawns.. cuz hunting is not my special. I love chatting with u guys.❤️❤️ I love rise ppl. But im disappointed that game is not recieving much updates these days. May be brad was busy... His problem to him. Thanks guys... Enjoy this game... But pls dont be addicted. Thts what id say. Special thanks for iplay for making me to split all these stuffs. Thanks mods and admins all game staffs for being kind with me.☺️✨❤️
Oct 8, 2020
I started on 2020-09-25 I didn't find the game my brother did we were both really sad (both got perm banned from planet) a friend said he would give me something but he said he would need my account (I was young and stupid) I gave him my account took him 3 hours to steal everything from my account and me realizing then I got backstabbed I cried for weeks then my brother found rise he started playing he told me to play the game then I started playing when we just started the game we met a friend he quit the game but he was nice we started slaughtering wild pokemon's then I saw a drampa the sprite was bigger than normal pokemons I thought it was rare but I accidently killed it then we started battling in the battle hall it was fun battling but I stood no chance then someone gave me a riolu we battled again and the riolu I got sweeped my brothers team then I just started learning the game joined a bunch of different guilds 1 random day I joined galaxy I joined their discord there were a lot of nice people and I never left galaxy since then. 1 day on event island I caught a shiny emolga my brother was jealous when I caught it I traded it away for pokemons I never used (regret it) then 1 day brad came on the server and gave my brother darkrai and lucarionite I was jealous of him but he traded them both away then I started playing rise a lot got bunch of shinies (my favourite being the gyarados) then I got leggies (I forgot how) traded them for more shinies met a bunch of pros that helped me and taught me how to build a good team i eventually built a level 50 team I lost most of the time but it was fun then I was determined to build a better team finally got a good team but I didn't get to use it much because I quit not too long after
Sep 24, 2022
ok so its not mine logically but, i thot of the proff aspen theory.. proff collects poke to illegaly breed them again and again until it gets shiny or smthin different from them, the useless pokes he thinks, are released to the wild for us to catch, he sells the great pokemon he breeds to some illegal company making millions, and he is one of the richest man alive... he buys pokes so that he can breed more and more and more which in the long run increases his income.... proff aspen is the villain of the rise cuz of him many pokes have to go through bad times
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